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I’ve finally, thanks to the positive feedback from my lovely followers, decided to ignore my deep art insecurities and fear of failure finally open up commissions!

Note: If you would like any of your pictures animated (ex: x,x,x,x), please tell me when contacting me about your commission. The pricing is dependent on how much I’m animating and I’m very kind on pricing.

I plan on having up to 5 slots be open at a time and will make sure to notify when the spots are filled. This is first come, first serve. The first ones to message me will be given priority over the others.

Also, while I’m at it, please do not ask for a commission through my ask box. 

It is difficult to keep track of messages through the ask box over time. I would much prefer you e-mail me your information. I will list my contact info more towards the end.

What I’m looking for when you commission me:

  • Your tumblr username
  • what you’re purchasing
  • character references (much appreciated)
  • any extra comments/preferences

Please do be polite. I care very much about that and I want this to be an enjoyable experience for the both of us.

More examples of my art:

  • Chibi (x,x,x,x,x,x)
  • normal (x,x,x,x,x,x,x)
  • Regular sketches - differs from detailed sketches (x,x)
  • detailed sketches (x,x,x,x,x)
  • comics (x,x,x,x,x,x)

What I’m willing to draw:

  • OCs (references required)
  • Character designs (for you..but give me an idea)
  • Fandom art
  • your OTP or whatever
  • Some gore art (not too crazy)
  • …hesitant NSFW (don’t go too crazy on me)
  • "furry"/anthro art
  • cute kissy smooch smooch (u3u)

What I’m not willing to draw:

  • Incredibly kinky art (watersports, scat, tentacle porn, et cetra)
  • furry porn
  • hardcore gore

If you aren’t sure on whether or not yours is acceptable to me, make sure you message me. I’ll clarify.

All payments will be made via Paypal.

  • Contact me at: southpauzart@gmail.com (my email and Paypal)

A lot of the information in regards to how pricing works is already listed above. However, if you have any questions, feel free to message me about anything you are unsure of.

Thank you guys!

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You can’t be amazing and awesome and then compliment my art.

You have no idea what you’ve just done, capaow.

You have unlocked the worst thing in the world: my friendship.

My mom and I went to Petco earlier today.

My biggest regret is that I didn’t wear a big enough shirt to stuff all of the animals in.

True story.

When I was in 2nd grade, there was this 5th grade boy (who was also my brother’s best friend) who I had the biggest crush on.

One day when we were at the bus stop, he threw a snowball at me. I wanted to be cute and throw one back at him, but the bus showed up before I could throw it at him.

I made the most genius decision to hide it behind my hands and throw it at him when he walked onto the bus.

I chucked a snowball at him.

Unbeknownst to me, the snowball had an enormous chunk of ice in the middle of it.

He went to the nurse and I went to the Principal’s office for the first time in my life.

I was so pitiful that my Principal let me go without any punishments.

Long story short: I CAN’T FLIRT.

The Battle Frontier is a terrifying place

Imagine Sherlock and John looking for someone to have a three way with. Imagine Moriarty cornering them and about to kill them and Sherlock looks at John while grinning and nodding his head. John starts vigorously shaking his head NO







"…Is that Benedict Cumberbatch?"

"Yeah! And he’s only 38 years old!"

Happy 38th Birthday to everyone’s favorite adorable man-child!

True story.

When I was in 7th Grade, I almost set an Elementary School on fire while trying to microwave a cookie.

I was working at the concessions stand during a basketball tournament (my team was required to work because the tournament was being hosted in my School district), and, because I was hungry, I decided to use the microwave to heat up my cookie. My teeth were very sore due to me getting dental braces that week, so I decided to microwave it for a minute so it could be really soft.

It set on fire. 

The smoke alarm went off throughout the school.

The sprinkler system went off.

Basketball games that were going on at the time were cancelled.

Everyone had to evacuate the school and wait for the Police and Fire Department to show up. 



I attempted to draw southpauz
I think I did okay?
Caption this or something :P


I attempted to draw southpauz

I think I did okay?

Caption this or something :P

I am a piece of trash artist with no self-control whatsoever. 

I must draw on everything.